Have you ever thought that you also can be a magic poker card games soothsayer and make a impressed poker bet? With our luminous UV marked cards, this just a piece of cake.
The playing cards glasses that see invisible ink is very favorable than marked cards contact lenses. UV perspective sunglasses in one of the marked cards reader supplied by our company. For reading ultraviolet invisible marked cards, their functions are same as ultimate UV glasses used to detect the playing cards but to recognize different wavelengths of luminous ink on the backside of juice marked deck of cards. Therefore, in different light conditions, you can choose corresponding ones to playing in different poker card games secretly. With good concealment, few people know their existence, so they will offer you a useful and safe way to make a betting with more winning chances. The unique sunglasses are very suitable for home games, private casinos or club gambling.
This ultra UV luminous ink sunglasses can be used in many poker card games, such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Omaha and Flush as well as Baccarat and other local playing card games. With the help of this unique ultraviolet sunglasses, you will know the suit as well as value of the marked decks in advance even if the cards are facing down. In the end, you will get more opportunities to catch winning under your control.