Contact lenses marked cards are used widely in casinos, private poker games, poker clubs. Working with invisible ink contact lenses, they have magic function to help poker players to know the poker suit and value before the cards are dealt.
There are invisible ink markings on the backs of these magic contact lenses marked cards, nobody can see anything by their naked eyes, only working with the luminous ink marked cards contact lenses or infrared sunglasses for playing cards can you see the luminous ink markings on the backsides of marked decks. Due to the sophisticated skill and the quality materials, all these luminous contact lenses are very safe and comfortable to wear. In general, you can see the big makings on marked deck cards clearly far from 7 meters.
This magic contact lenses marked cards poker can be used to see all kinds of marked poker cards, like Copag marked poker cards, Modiano marked deck cards, Fournier marked playing cards, Aviator luminous juiced decks, KEM invisible ink marked cards, BEE juice poker cards.