Marked cards is a good kit for poker player to know the cards distribution in advance in the poker card games. And the magic marked decks Fournier 2818 is one of the good choice for you.
For providing the best Fournier 2818 marked playing cards, we use the imported Fournier 2818 playing cards, best invisible ink recipe, most stringent marked cards printer to make the Fournier 2818 invisible ink juiced cards. From the exterior design, you cannot find any different of this magic juiced decks, after wearing with the invisible ink pen contact lenses or infrared sunglasses can detect the invisible ink, you can see the invisible ink markings on the backs of these Fournier 2818 juiced playing cards easily and clearly.
These Fournier 2818 juice marked poker cards are suitable for both dealer and players, with this magic deck of cards, it is a simple thing for you to predict the result of playing card games.