Marked cards lenses, used to read the invisible ink markings on the back of luminous ink marked cards. Here, you can buy the best invisible ink pen contact lenses.
This kind of luminous ink contact lenses is suitable to lots of customers, no matter what color their eyes are, after wearing this magic invisible ink pen contact lenses, their eyes color will not be changed and those who around them cannot find any secret. When in the poker card games, user can read the luminous ink marks on the backside of the invisible ink back marked cards clearly and know the suit and value of each card easily, so that it is very easy for them to predict the poker card games result.
This marked playing cards contact lenses can be used to read many kinds of marked deck of cards, like Copag marked cards, Fournier luminous marked cards, Modiano luminous marked cards, BEE marking cards with invisible ink, Aviator marked playing cards with glasses, ultimate Bicycle marked cards, Royal invisible ink marked cards, Piatnik infrared contact lenses poker, Dal Negro invisible playing cards and so on.