Many people are interested in marking their own special marked cards. But, how to mark marked cards poker with marked cards invisible ink kit? There are some procession.
1. prepare the material, includes invisible ink pen, invisible ink contact lenses(or luminous ink glasses), as well as a deck of playing cards you want to mark.
For the poker cards, red cards are required, as different environment has different influence for the marked poker cards, and red cards is the best choice, if in other color cards , maybe the marked cards invisible ink cannot reach your ideal and the markings maybe are visible.
2. Mark the cards just like write down something.
Make the luminous invisible ink pen full of ink, and use it to write what you want to mark on the backside of the playing cards easily. Wearing the marked cards invisible ink contact lenses or luminous ink sunglasses, you can see the markings clearly.
If you want the ink dry quickly, write slightly.