Have you ever used invisible ink pen to mark playing cards manually? Did you find that the marked cards made by hand were not good? As a professional marked cards kit supplier, we mark the marked playing cards with the stringent marked cards printer, and we also can provide playing cards printer machine for sale.
Marked cards printer is a small machine that you can use it to make barcode marked cards and back marked cards. No matter any brand of playing cards, they can be processed to marked cards with a good effect. You can choose Fournier marked deck cards, Bicycle ultimate marked deck, KEM marked poker cards, Copag luminous ink marked cards, Lion 3500 invisible ink marked cards and others. We make these contact lenses marked cards with good quality invisible ink. They have no difference in the surface. This poker printer can make 50 decks of marked cards each time. This is a wonderful marked playing cards printer that can help you a lot. At the same time, you can make marked cards for sale if you master the technology.
Besides providing the poker printer, our company will supply the good quality invisible ink and technology for making marked cards. So you can use it effectively.