Have you ever used invisible ink marked dominoes? Here we have various kinds of marked dominoes for sale, like metal box packs infrared marked dominoes, plastic packs invisible dominoes, Double 9 UV marked dominoes, Double 6 marked dominoes, Double 12 marked dominoes for sale.
As a leading marked cards kit manufacturer, we are experienced in marking playing cards as well as dominoes and other entertainment device with best invisible ink recipe. Like invisible marked dominoes, we can mark various material and different brand dominoes as your requirement perfectly. In the natural light, no one can find any different from their surface of backsides, only working with our invisible ink glasses or luminous ink contact lenses can you read their secret.
Marking Styles:
(1) Mark one big number with suit in the middle of each domino.
(2) Mark number and suit as the facade show.
(3) Mark as your special requirement.