Modiano playing cards is a kind of preeminent poker card which originates from Italy. Modiano deck of cards are 100% plastic playing cards made with the proprietary platinum acetate of Modiano manufacturer, and Modiano Texas Holdem is one of the hot sale cards.
The Modiano Texas plastic playing cards are very suitable to mark with luminous invisible ink solution. From appearance, the invisible marked Modiano Texas Holdem playing cards are looks same as the regular one, others are difficult to find any flaw. With this specialized incredible invisible ink for playing cards, working with contact lenses that see through playing cards or glasses that see invisible ink, the players can see the number and suits of cards of opponents and know the result of poker games easily.
This magic back Modiano Texas Holdem invisible ink contact lenses marked cards can be used in various poker games, what is more, it also can be processed as luminous invisible ink edged barcode marked cards to work with poker analyzer device to predict the playing card game result for user effectively.