Texas Holdem is an exciting poker games, and many poker players are like using marked cards to increase the winning odds. Do you know how to mark cards for Texas Holdem?
No matter plastic poker cards or paper playing cards, all of them could be marked as marked decks, such as Bicycle marked decks and KEM luminous ink marked playing cards. There are two kinds of marked cards: barcode marked card decks and back magic marked deck. We use invisible ink to mark barcode on the four sides of poker card. Naked eyes cannot read these barcodes, but poker camera lens can. For back marked cards, we use invisible ink recipe and poker printer to mark various kinds of markings on the back of luminous ink marked decks. They are not for naked eyes but for IR contact lenses for playing cards and invisible ink sunglasses that can see through marked cards.
If you want to make back marked cards by your own manually, invisible ink pen are highly recommended for you. All of them could be used in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack as well as other local poker games.