Modiano playing cards are famous with their good quality. As a widely popular poker card brand in Europe country casinos, Modiano is the synonym of quality and excellence. And due to the excellent features, we can process them to be marked card decks perfectly.

Modiano playing cards are well textured unlike other 100% plastic playing cards that are extremely smooth. Smoothness is generally not considered to be a desired attribute of 100% plastic playing cards. A textured playing card is much easier to handle and shuffle. You are less likely to lose control of the playing cards during cut, shuffle, or bridge with Modiano 100% plastic cards. It is also easier to control the distribution of the playing cards while pitching, since the cards are less likely to slide off the table or flip over while in route.

Modiano cards are thicker and heavier than any other 100% plastic playing cards so far in the market. While you deal the cards, they can give you the substantial feel that only Modiano provides.

Shape Retention:
The thicker and heavier grade plastic also enables Modiano cards to retain its character and shape better than other 100% plastic playing cards. Expect your Modiano cards to be the only set you will need for an extended period of time.

Modiano 100% plastic playing cards pop with color. The reds and blacks are brilliantly printed on the faces. You will not worry about players discerning the pips on the Modiano cards while dealing them! The back styles are also extravagantly designed with richness and taste. Modiano cards will not only impress players with their substantial feel but also with its vivid colors and design.

There are various kinds of Modiano marked poker cards available in our company, if you are in market of the best Modiano magic marked cards, please do not hesitate to contact us!