They are many kinds of marked cards devices for sale in market, most of them need to work with marked cards. However, the perspective poker table we supply can just work with non-marked cards.
There is a mini hidden playing cards scanning camera is fixed in Texas Holdem table, Baccarat table or other kinds of poker card table. With its mini size or excellent concealment, this poker scanner will not be discovered by other people or detector. when in the poker card games, you just need to turn on the built-in playing cards scanning camera, then it can read the non-marked cards on the poker table at any angle even if the playing cards are faced down. After it read the marked cards, it will send the this information to a TV in backstage, and you or your partner can read the poker faces on the TV screen.
You need to work with a fine partners who in the backstage to read and tell pass the information to you secretly.