Do you know what is perspective poker table? Have you ever used it? There is a secret poker camera lens inserted into the regular poker table which can be used to monitor the normal playing cards and them present the poker faces of the face-down cards on a monitor screen.

No matter for Texas Holdem poker table, Baccarat poker table or other kinds of playing cards tables, We can process them as perspective playing cards table perfectly. Different from the barcode marked cards scanner or infrared poker camera, the perspective poker table is no need to work with marked poker cards, regular playing cards is OK.

When you play the poker games, you just need to turn on the poker camera with a remote control, then it can read the regular playing cards you play from different angles and sending the image of the cards to a monitor displayer.

In order to achieve success, you need to work with another partner who in the backstage to see the poker card and tell you what's on the poker camera get through the mini Bluetooth earpiece or vibrator secretly. Knowing the comprehensive information of the cards distribution, is it very easy to make a winning bet?