PK King 518 poker analyzer is the best and newest analyzer among all the analyzers in current market, based on CVK poker analyzer and AKK poker analyzer, PK King 518 poker analyzer is put into more magic function.
For PK King poker analyzer, customer can put 5 games into it; whether play with one deck or two decks of marked deck cards, you can use the same one analyzer to scan instead of two poker analyzer devices, and this is the newest and best function for PK King poker analyzer software, like MDA poker hand analyzer, AKK K2 poker winner predictor, AKK K3 poker odds calculator, AKK K4 poker hand odds calculator, CVK 350 poker analyzer and CVK 400 poker analyzer system, all of them have no this magic function.
If you like to play two decks like India games, Sanabana game, Pineapple games, 3 face, Bull Fight, Show Hand, Flush Game, Pairs, report one by one and so on. This practical PK king 518 poker analyzer can meet your need perfectly.