Poker analyzer is a magic playing cards cheating device for helping user to predict the poker game result effectively. As a professional marked cards analyzer supplier, we have various kinds of poker analyzers which in favorable price for sale.

1. Regular poker analyzer. It includes AKK K2 poker analyzer, AKK K3 poker analyzer software, CVK 350 poker analyzer device, V68 poker winner predictor, MDA poker hand analyzer. They need to work with an extra poker camera for scanning the barcode marked playing cards.

2. All in one poker hand analyzer. Its includes AKK K4 poker analyzer device, AKK K5 playing cards analyzer, AKK A1 poker analyzer system, CVK 350 all in one type poker analyzer, CVK 400 poker odds calculator, CVK 500 poker winner predictor, PK King series poker out calculator, LD series Texas Holdem and Omaha scanning system and so on. They all have secret built-in poker camera inside for scanning the barcode marked cards and calculating the game result automatically.

No matter what types of poker analyzers you choose, you can be a magic poker games soothsayer.