A good device can bring a lot of benefit to user in different poker games, for example, the poker analyzer for lighter poker scanner.
As a leading marked cards kit supplier, we have various kinds of poker analyzer devices for sale, such as the latest AKK A1 poker hand analyzer, AKK K4 poker winner predictor, AKK K3 poker analyzer app, CVK 500 poker card analyzer, CVK 400 poker odds calculator, CVK 350 poker calculator app, PK King poker odds calculator software, poker analyzer Iphone, MDA poker odds calculator, V68 Texas Holdem odds calculator and so on. When working these powerful poker analyzer, a good quality poker camera is needed, for example, lighter poker scanner. This magic lighter playing cards scanner will read the barcode marked cards and send the invisible ink barcode information to poker analyzer automatically. Once receiving the signal send from the poker scanner, the poker analyzer will analyze the data and report the accurate poker game result to user secretly and safely.
This poker analyzer device can fix for all poker players, no matter dealer or poker player you are, while the scanning range of this lighter scanning distance are various, you can send the distance you need and we can customize it for you.