Have you ever used car key poker camera? Car key poker camera lens is a practical playing card scanners which can help user to scan the barcode marked cards effortlessly.
Our car key poker camera is one of the best playing card scanning cameras for scanning different barcode invisible ink marked playing cards. We have set a mini poker camera lens inside the car key and then it will become the car key playing card scanning camera. Its scanning distance is 20-40cm. and this car key poker predictor scanner could work together with any kind of poker analyzer. For example, the AKK K4 all in one poker analyzer, MDA poker hand analyzer, GPS poker analyzer device, CVK 350 all in one poker analyzer system and V68 poker odds calculator. After this car key playing cards scanning camera scanning the barcode marked deck cards, it will transmit the image signal to poker analyzer for analyzing. Finally, user can receive the accurate poker game result via mini Bluetooth mini earpiece secretly.
This car key poker camera is a real car key which is processed by our professionals. It can be used in different poker card games, like Texas Holdem, Omaha, Bacarrat.