As a classical poker winner predictor, AKK K4 poker analyzer can provide most professional function to help poker player to enjoy the games more. Compared with other poker predictor in market, our AKK K4 poker analyzer is more practical.
1. AKK K4 poker analyzer with a hidden secret playing cards scanning camera lenses inside, that means you no need to work with an extra poker scanner to read the barcode marked deck, of course, if you want to operate it with outside poker camera, you just need to set some steps easily.
2. AKK K4 poker analyzer can be fixed with 3 poker card games, that is to say, you can using it to match 3 different poker games and no need to buy the poker predictor frequently.
3. A whole set of AKK K4 poker analyzer includes a barcode marked playing cards, mini Bluetooth earpiece, AKK K4 poker odds calculator and a wireless remote controller, when in the playing cards games, you can change the setting with this wireless remote controller freely and secretly, and receive the poker game outcome via mini Bluetooth earpiece secretly and clearly.
4. AKK K4 poker analyzer are supported to be changed the light and definition.
5. AKK K4 poker analyzer can be used in various kinds of playing card games, like Texas holdem, Omaha 4 cards, Omaha 5 cards, Omaha 6 cards, Omaha 10 cards, Russian game - Seca, Omaha 5 cards with 2 group community cards and so on.