Poker camera lenses play an important roles in helping poker analyzer device to scan the barcode marked playing cards. And we have the professional Samsung poker camera lenses which can scan and transmit the barcode information effectively and will not cause the attention of other poker players.
Samsung HD poker camera lens is a short distance camera lens. While its longest distance can be reached at 90 meters. And we can customize different scanning range accordance with different customers needs: 10-20cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm, 60-70cm, 70-80cm, 80-90cm. Samsung playing cards scanner camera lens can scan the barcode marked decks clearly and speedy, then send the signal to the poker analyzer in a very short time. When you are playing games, you just need to put you Samsung cell phone on the table.
If you want to find a reliable poker scanner for poker analyzer, HD Samsung playing cards scanning camera lens will be a good choice for you.