As we know, invisible ink contact lenses only can read luminous ink marked cards, playing cards scanning camera only can be used to detect marked barcode decks. Here, there is a wall clock poker card reader program which is suitable for both edged marked deck and back marked playing cards!
When this wall clock poker cards reader program works with a poker scanning system, it is for scanning marked barcode cards in a wide area and the distance is from 2 meters to 6 meters. What is more, you can adjust the scanning area and scanning position as your need through the remote control.
When you use this wall clock marked deck cards reader program for reading invisible ink marks on back marked playing cards directly, it is better for to cooperate with a partner, because the poker game information and result will be displayed on a TV or displayers and known by your partner in the background at another room near the poker room. The scanning distance of it is about 3 meters to 4 meters. Of course, you or your partner can adjust the scanning area and position through the remote control as well.