This wall painting playing cards scanning camera is has long scanning distance and can be suitable for different poker card games.
This wall painting poker camera system is wireless and has maximum portability. It is easy to be used for reading back marked cards. This poker camera could scan infrared marked cards with a 1.5 meter range. And you could use the remote controller to set the playing card scanning camera turn left or right. And then it will send the image signal to a displayer like TV screen or cell phone screen, and your partner can see the image of each piece of cards on the displayer and tell you who will be the winner or what cards your opponents have. It is very convenient and simple to use. The scanning distance of this wall painting playing cards scanning camera can reach 6 meters at least.
The wall painting playing cards scanner can be used to see infrared Copag marked cards, IR luminous ink Fournier marked deck, Modiano back marked deck cards and so on.