In some private poker card gambling, people like using cash instead of chips, in this case, a wallet is very important. Do you know that wallet can be a poker converter to help you to get the card you want?
As a leading marked cards kit manufacturer in China, we can make various kinds of wallets as magic wallet poker converter. Our technicians insert a quality playing cards converter system inside the wallet without hurting the wallet at all. With this special poker converter, it is a simple thing for you to exchange the card you do not need for another one good for you. In generally, you need to hide the cards (regular playing card is ok) which will beneficial for you in the wallet poker converter in advance the poker game starting, when in the poker games, if you do not need this card, hide it, if need, just let in out!
Beside the wallet poker converter, there are also cell phone poker converter, coat poker converter, handbag playing cards converter, long sleeve playing card converter and so on.