From the appearance, it is a normal water bottle, you can use it to fill water and carry it to everywhere you want. What is more, it is also a magic water bottle poker camera use for scanning barcode marked decks.
Here, we will introduce some advantages for this special poker scanner:
1. Unlike normal playing cards scanner, this water bottle poker camera can scan the barcode playing cards no matter be placed on poker table or held in hand.
2. This functional water bottle poker predictor scanner can scan the barcode marked cards with 360 degree scanning angle, which is easier and flexible in scanning invisible barcode marked decks.
3. Working with updated CVK battery, can be use for a longer time with less battery energy loss.
4. This magic  water bottle playing cards scanner can be operated with all kinds of poker analyzers, such as CVK poker hand analyzer, AKK poker analyzer device, PK King poker winner predictor, MAD poker odds calculator, V68 poker out calculator, poker analyzer Iphone and so on.
There are many kinds of magic usage of this special water bottle poker camera, if you want to know more information, contact us!