Marked playing cards are used widely, and BEE marked cards is one of the best popular marked decks which can be used in various kinds of poker card games.

Red BEE marked poker cards are unique poker cheating devices that allows you to know poker points and poker suits by processing way, while from the appearance, no one can find any secret of it. When you use the red BEE marked cards to cheat at blackjack, you can know poker points once you wearing a invisible ink pen contact lenses for marked decks. But if you use them in Texas Holdem, Omaha, Low ball, you will know who holds the biggest poker cards. We process the BEE juiced decks with best invisible ink formula and advanced marked cards printer machine. There are Red BEE back marked cards and Red BEE barcode marked deck of cards. If you want to use the back marked cards, a good quality luminous infrared contact lenses and luminous ink sunglasses to see playing cards is needed. If you use barcode juice marked cards, a magic poker camera and poker odds calculator will be your good choice.

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