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Dustin fox poker cheat

dustin fox poker cheat Cashes:41
Total Winnings: $289,141 (Includes all tournament winnings)
First Place Finishes: 6
ProRank 1 Position: 3063 [ DETAILS ]
Age: 31
Marital Status: Married
Started Playing Poker: 2004
Favorite Poker Game: Cash Games
Hobbies: Golf, b-ball, ski, travel, poker
Favorite Movie: Caddyshack
Favorite Place: Maui
Poker Players I Respect Most: Phil Ivey & Chris Ferguson

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Dustin Fox has lived a pretty wonderful life.
No matter in his childhood, or when he grows up. When he was young, with the help of his father, he can get the chance to play free golf, therefore, he loves golf and play it well. He also likes ski, travel, b-ball and so on.
In 2005, his life takes a change, because it was that year he began to show up in the world poker challenge and win the 11th place, and his life became sweeter after he took the second place at the World Series of Poker Lake Tahoe Circuit Event's $5,000 buy-in main event at Harveys Resort and Casino. It was 2007, and that year, he was just 25 years old. Fox advanced to the final table after two days of preliminary play on Friday and Saturday outside the Hard Rock Cafe. He entered the nine-person table on Sunday afternoon seventh in chips with $95,000. Seven hours later, he was guaranteed at least $119,276, the payout for second place. Before he succumbed to Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, which is one of the world's top poker players with almost $6 million in career earnings, he was a leading chip. He said, that is the most nervous time during that tournament, because he was going to play with his idol, however, as time passes by, he tried his best to control himself and started to calm down, which made him to feel much more comfortable. Fox propelled himself into the chip lead earlier in the night by taking down a key pot when his pocket 10s beat Ferguson's A-9. In the end, Fox won $119,276 for his second-place finish, while Ferguson took home $203,649.
This game makes him become the centre of public, and after this game he began his new life with poker. During his lifetime—8years with poker, Fox has won 294,640 USD, and has 6 times to take the first place in all the tournament winnings. We strong believe that he will be the next legend in the future.













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