Lens to Cheat on Poker Wow!

  First we will start the article with the word: "Cheating" has definitely made its way through many online gambling games. Poker games, most certainly, are not exemptions. What makes this even worse is that many of the tricks being used by online cheaters these days are actually a combination of both the old and new tricks and often make use of some very sophisticated and sometimes undetectable systems.

What is a cheating device? Well, since most Internet game sites rely on the ubiquitous computers for the basic operations of most of their online games, these are the prime used weapons. A cheater can be located in Taiwan for example, they can practically see everything that takes place inside and beyond the game area including the players' cards, thus they have the freedom to manipulate the players if they so desire.

Dangerous online cheaters are the computer wizards who can easily penetrate the electronic security system of internet poker rooms.

Now you can find Online devices to cheat on poker. Anyone can win a poker game ?! This story has been filmed for real. Persons have been cached cheating, using the incredible device.

In Europe someone has a surprising knowledge about poker. A small entrepreneur sells on Internet systems that can cheat and brake the security systems into casinos which cannot be detected. A story tells that poker gambler's have been found into one of the famous casinos from Europe. The Security says that the gamblers have been recorded with the video cameras while they tried to cheat at one of the poker tables with the device, Using a hidden camera in a pack of cigarettes. With a little help from the pack of cigarettes you can read the dealers card.

The signal from the camera is sent somewhere outside the casino. The outside personal is working the images and send it back through headset device back to the player. This way the player knows all the time the dealers card.

Mathematic a player can not win every day. So if, in 5 days a row you win thousands of dollars every night at poker and you don't lose any hand ... you don't have to be an expert or Einstein to tell that something is not alright.

How the security have spotted the mistake ? Well everybody makes mistakes. With a babes help the gambler was cached. She wanted to offer a drink and she touched the cigarette pack, he got pissed off, after that he arranged the pack on the poker table easily .

The persons that have been cached with the device call them self maniacs of poker, they have been left out in the streets by their wives all this for poker. They say that they can not control anymore. I am asking you, dear reader is it possible? Poker is like a virus?

Try to imagine this attempt to this beautiful game, where knowledge and luck have no longer a meaning. This is one of the attempts! Everyone, this is a call against those that have no respect for this beautiful game.

Just remember heaters are more known to hover in poker games which involve extremely big pot prizes. Small poker pots do not attract them that much.

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