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Latest poker analyzer - AKK

akk poker analyzer

1. The new poker analyzer add new technology of image correction, the effect will be better 5-6 times than before.

The marked playing cards can be read about the inclination of 40 degree on the left-right side, also the inclination of 180 degree rotation on the vertical. In addition, the scanning system also can read the cards even if they have been folded.

2. It can recognize the marked cards poker when the dealer deals the cards in the first time, and then also can recognize the cards in the second time when the dealer shuffle playing cards and finally deals the flop.

The old scanner system only can recognize the cards one time.

3. The new poker analyzer can use the wireless remote controller to change the number of players (within 5 meters) and also can remote control to read the next cards.

4. The moving distance which can be recognized increases to 20 cm (increase more 6 cm than before), cause it add the technology of blurred image recognition.

5. It can convert built-in scanning camera or external scanning camera, which is to say that the analyzer and the camera are in one device (The distance of the scanning camera inside is 25-45 cm). It is suitable for all poker games, including Texas Holdem, Omaha 4, Omaha 5, and Omaha 6.

6. The new system can use the wireless Bluetooth to receive voice signal about 20 meters. No need the voice amplifier and the big size signal transmitter and receiver, it also can transmit the voice signal for a long distance.

7. The winner predictor increases the latest function of screen display; the results can be displayed on the screen by the form of numbers. If the winners are the N1 and N2, it will show 1-2 on the screen.

8. Each second can update and catch the scanning image 20 times, fast reaction within 0.05 second. It will be easier to shuffle and make the result more accurate.

9. It is stylish, which is equipped with the functions of phone call, photograph and analysis.














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